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We can design and develop your training, from a fuzzy idea to measuring impact, in a variety of formats. Our team of experts has developed hundreds of training experiences.

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The Burst Method

Today, it’s all about being flexible and agile to hit to those success markers. It’s not just about what you think you need; it’s about responding to what’s actually needed, and what you didn’t see coming, all on the fly.

That’s why we developed Bursts. These hyper productive and visually managed events are blend of facilitated team working sessions and focussed individual working time, delivering real tangible value with specific deliverables all wrapped up in 10 working days. This approach gives you a solid grip on your project outcomes. Plus, we mix and match our skills to perfectly match your unique needs. That’s how we roll, keeping you nimble and ahead of the curve.

It’s different, but it works. And they’re fun.


80% Development Time Reduction

We have repeatedly reduced development lead time by 80% for our clients.

Co-operative Design

Boosts employee productivity. Tackles common challenges like consensus gaps, time wastage, misdirected focus, and untapped ideas.

Rapid Iteration

Improves course quality, propels team towards excellence, resolves quality issues, and reduces likelihood of building poor, low-value course components.

Visual Management

Enables concurrent development, enhances process transparency, boosts morale, reveals hidden tasks, and keeps leaders informed. Reduces wastes and eliminates bottlenecks.


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Otira’s Training Course Review Service

Where efficiency meets depth. Picture this –  a 20-minute interactive walkthrough of your training course, followed by a focussed 10-minute feedback session. Our experts dive deep, offering documented, actionable insights aimed at practical improvements.

The goal?

To skyrocket impact and engagement.

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