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Otira, the partner Higher Education has been waiting for, leads in Instructional Product Development and transforms course and program creation, empowering your institution to deliver today, excel tomorrow, and evolve forever.

Navigating Tomorrow’s Landscape Today

In our fast-paced world, high-quality education demands agility to meet the evolving needs of learners, employers, and regulators. It’s about swift development, ongoing enhancement, and strategic investment.

Thriving in this dynamic environment requires more than just adaptation; it demands internal capabilities, foresight and creativity.

This is where Otira excels — transforming challenges into forward-thinking educational solutions. 


Redefining Instructional Product Development in Higher Ed.

Our approach transcends traditional course creation, offering a comprehensive strategy that streamlines the entire curriculum development process. We focus on optimizing workflows and addressing both learning and development challenges, as well as staffing needs, to drive efficiency and enhance educational impact.

Course & Program Development

Rapid development through 10-Day facilitated co-design sessions with your SMEs and team, and our Instructional Designers, Writers, and Digital Designers. Ensuring a perfect synergy of content, pedagogy, and digital aesthetics.



Instructional Product Management System Implementation

Process improvement, design, measurement and standardization. Hands on support to implement management system principles, practises, tools and techniques. 


L&D Staffing Solutions

 Staff augmentation for L&D roles. Competency development, role definition and structuring on-the-job training. Addressing gaps, reducing turnover, and improving morale.

Course Development with Our Burst Method

In business today, flexibility and agility are key to success. Responding to actual needs versus initial thoughts or predictions is crucial.

To provide you with this essential advantage, we work in Bursts. They deliver defined value through specific deliverables within 10 working days, giving you greater control over your project’s outcomes. We tailor skill sets to meet your needs.

It’s different, but it works.

Reduced Development Time By 80%

Collaborative Excellence

Allies in your journey towards excellence.

Expert Facilitation

Boosts efficiency, enjoyment, and productivity. Tackles common challenges like consensus gaps, time wastage, misdirected focus, and untapped ideas.

Rapid Iteration

Improves course quality, propels team towards excellence. Resolves quality and reduces likelihood of building poor non-value course components.

Visual Management

Enables concurrent development, enhances process transparency, boosts morale, reveals hidden tasks, and keeps leaders informed. Reduces wastes and eliminates bottlenecks.



Spot a gap in the labour market?

Seize the opportunity with our bespoke 5-day Program Design facilitation service – a dynamic blend of your market analysis and subject matter expertise with our instructional, digital, and curriculum design expertise.

Through a mix of guided collaborative and independent activities, we will help you work through and document key aspects of your new program.

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