Modern L&D 

Modern Learning & Development is fast Learning & Development: Agile and responsive to ever-changing needs, focussed on high-quality results, yet gentle on both resources and employees.

We can help you beef up your L&D efforts to address tomorrow’s problems today:

– Skill Gaps

– Employee Retention

– Productivity

– Compliance

– Employee Engagement

– Succession Planning

– Course Development, Delivery & Administration


This is the new world of L&D, and Otira is here to help you get there.

Bringing Learning & Performance Together

Many may not consider it glamorous, but we recognize gold when we see it. We excel at capturing all forms of organizational knowledge from – procedural know-how to decision-making, troubleshooting, and design- thinking and we put it in formats and systems that are ready to be used.  

Secure Your Competitive Edge Now.

We offer only three facilitated Kaizen Events each year, tailored for targeted improvement in learning design and development processes. If you know – you know. 

Hands-On Help

Process improvement, design, measurement and standardization. Hands on support to implement management system principles, practises, tools and techniques.

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