Process Improvement

We can help you define, redefine, and improve your processes so you can meet and soar past internal targets. We work with your team to make the current state of your process visual, showing pain points and swirl, too. Using your subject matter experts and data, a few solid improvement methods, a little imagination, and a whole bunch of facilitation we help you find the process of your dreams.

And… Action!

Action plans with actions so manageable they can be achieved over half a cup of coffee are also included. We serve up results, not process-improvement word salads.

Process Improvement

Lean process improvement can be a powerful means to acheiving superlative business results. Time, quality and cost of operations can all be dramatically improved.

If your Lean transformation is done right.

We at Otira have decades of experience with Lean principles, processes, techniques and tools, across sectors ranging from manufacturing, oil & gas, and health-safety-environment, to public and private healthcare and education.

We can help you incorporate 5S, standardized work, and visual management, along with a host of equally powerful improvement techniques smoothly and effectively.

We’d love to guide you on your journey to speed, agility, quality and cost excellence, and make your future state a reality.

Lean Assessment

Beginning before you’re ready is a sure way to fail at many things, and Lean is certainly one of them. Otira provides Lean Readiness and Current State assessment services; the essential first step in most Lean journeys.

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