Work Together

In business today, flexibility and agility is GOLD. Responding to what is vs what you thought or what you predicted is GOLD.
To give you GOLD we work and charge out in Bursts.
Bursts deliver defined value in the form of deliverables within 10 working days, ultimately giving you a greater degree of control over the deliverables within your project. We match skill sets to your needs at one flat rate for each Burst.

Bursts overcome challenges with scoping.

It can be difficult for a business to know exactly what types of documentation, training or course development needs they have, especially when they have not seen many options. Too often businesses are forced to create a project plan based on deliverables that no longer reflect organizational priorities. Rapid development cycles in the form of Bursts provide feedback to inform subsequent Bursts.

Bursts overcome challenges with estimates.

Any understanding of needs and requirements tends to go through multiple internal handoffs before it reaches the vendor/supplier. Just like the classic telephone game, every handoff of information can lead to misinterpretation. Unfortunately, this information underpins most estimates. Estimates are also based on assumptions. Assumptions are made, frequently left unchecked, or are not made clear when time and effort are estimated leading to cost and schedule overruns. The Burst approach accommodates for the continued uncovering of needs, requirements, and assumptions.

Bursts overcome challenges of late design changes and cost overruns.

In traditional development approaches, review cycles can be lengthy and subject to calendar availability leading to extended project timelines, crunches in resource availability, and financial penalties. Short iterations of development with punctuated review points set the direction for the next Burst of development. Meaning you get tangible results to show your stakeholders, continuous feedback, and you remain in the driver's seat making informed decisions on design trade-offs and adding subsequent Bursts to your project schedule.

Bursts overcome challenges of ever-changing business conditions and needs.

Traditional project planning requires a degree of predictability that is absent from most development projects, which rely on learning, discovery, and innovation. Flexible and agile development methods like Bursts are aligned to the real world of less than predictable environments. Daily huddles, retrospectives, team task time are standard in each Burst which means needs can be accommodated in real time.

Build your solution from pre-assembled Bursts or make your own Burst.

Red: Scope and ranking processes to document, prototype, test, and complete 1 document in 10 days.

Orange: Gather content, facilitate technical review, rapid documentation of agreed targets in 10 days. Must be paired with a Red Burst.

Yellow: Define process requirements and metrics, complete SIPOC, process map, FMEA and Implementation Plan in 10 days.

Green: Create a training plan, 1 task level training checklist, 1 training script in 10 days.

Blue: Develop 3-4 sentence course description, 3 outcomes and 12 objectives, 1 assessment plan, 1 schedule of topics by day/week in 10 days.

Indigo: Build learning activities and assessments on agreed targets in 10 days. Must be paired with a Blue Burst.

Rainbow: Co-determine and complete deliverables in 10 days.

One vision, one team, one rate, one happy client.