Solutions for teams looking to level-up in business.

Otira's too cool for school virtual training is available for teams looking to level-up in life and business. All you need is high-speed internet access and some spare time.

Coaching For Performance

Want to grow the potential and purpose of yourself and others? Join us for an introduction to leadership through coaching.

This course introduces the concept of coaching leadership and a few simple tools, including Powerful Questions, Active Listening, the GROW Model and how these things support the creation of High Performing Teams.

Sparkling Presentations

An information-packed class on how to be the best presenter you can be. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to create a clear presentation to get your point across effectively. With a focus on the "diamond model" of communication, you will leave this class with simple tips you can apply immediately.

Crafting Conversations

Want some useful templates to create better conversations and clear messages? Join us for 60 minutes of introspection and discussion about working well with others.

Learn how to listen as well as be heard. This course covers Judgment vs. Fact, Thriving Conversations Framework, and the SCARF model.

Problem Solving

Are you tired of facing the same problem over and over? Do you want to solve problems permanently and collaboratively? Then 8 step problem solving is for you!

Learn this skill over three sessions, each 1 hour in length. This course includes problem definition, targets, root cause analysis, idea generation, prioritization, work plans, sustainment and recognition. Amaze your family, impress your boss…learn to problem solve and love it.

Lean Foundations

Offer your team a "new lens" to view their processes. Provide exposure to key lean principles and tools while creating a common language and understanding of effective improvement. Develop competency to design/redesign and significantly remove waste from fundamental processes. Includes a virtual Lean Simulation where people can experience lean principles in action and is best delivered over consecutive sessions 3 – 4 hours in length.