Stop the endless tinkering with presentation slides.

We can help ensure your training gets the right results; from planning your session to sequencing your content, inserting activities, developing your handouts and visuals, converting any materials to a virtual platform and evaluating your success. We offer expert nudges and assistance for your end-to-end training projects.

Sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction.


Whether you are seeking to skill up others, change attitudes and behaviour, educate others on processes, products or services or unicorns a well designed course will get you results. We help you create audience personas so you can design a customized learning experience. From determining the structure, to making visuals, writing scripts, recording audio and video, and recommending platforms - we can help.

Creating effective courses can be a big job. We design and develop learning experiences that get results and do not bore people in the process. Collaborative, interactive, simulated, virtual learning is our jam. We develop:

  • Online self-directed courses
  • Virtual instructor-led courses
  • Workshops
  • Diploma programs
  • New virtual offerings from traditional classroom style offerings
  • Blended learning

Job Aids

Job aids help people perform. They are referenced in real-time. They are matched uniquely to the task at hand. We can format them into signs, posters, handouts and 3D paper objects. However, text space is limited on origami unicorns.

Structured on the Job Training

Structuring on-the-job training increases productivity, safety and quality. We can show you how to structure on-the-job training to reach performance targets and unleash the creative energy in your teams to continuously improve. Tools include training plans, scripts, and task level checklists. Ours becomes yours. 


The world needs manuals. Unfortunately, not all manuals are created equally. Manuals can be filled with procedures that actually (yes-actually!) reflect how work gets done, easy to follow instructions that demonstrate alignment to external standards, images that enhance understanding, and layouts that you'll want to show off at your next dinner party. Up your manual game with our help.


Process maps. Most people love them or love to have someone help create them. We work with your subject matter experts to create the map of your dreams. Flow charts, high-level process maps, detailed process maps, SIPOCs and Value Stream maps are firmly in our wheelhouse.