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The elephant in the room is that non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements limit the display of actual work samples produced by Otira. Our workaround is the following list of illustrative challenges and countermeasures.


Documentation - Procedures

From Chaos to Relief

Team members expressed frustration and varying degrees of burnout at work. An underlying root cause was lack of process documentation. Otira created a procedural template that the client could maintain, documented the process in collaboration with SMEs, developed quality standards and an internal review process.

Structured On-The-Job Training


All Checklists Are Not Created Equal

All too often checklists used to train people on-the-job list only topics to be covered. A well designed checklist can help structure many elements of the training experience. Key elements include not only topics, but also training resources, measurable and demonstrable learning outcomes, and skill proficiency.

Course Development

Nothing Beats Clarity

Learning while adulting is stressful. Ambiguous directions only add to the stress. Clear instructions may reduce this unnecessary stress and typically improve the quality of learner responses.

Sample Discussion Post Instructions:

In five to 10 sentences, describe five challenges commonly encountered by 9-12 year olds learning to code with Python. Include a minimum of three published sources in your response. Comment on another learner’s post by telling them something you agree with, or asking a question or giving them a suggestion to improve their response.


Scenario Time

Maintaining high levels of engagement can be a challenge for busy adult learners contexts learner engagement with the content can be a challenge. Scenarios can help learners engage with content. Scenarios rich with context and characters help learners think critically, solve a variety of problems, and improve their understanding of concepts. Character development is a key component for many scenarios in e-learning.

Just the Facts

Part of learning many things includes learning the facts about things. Interactive activities can make learning facts efficient and effective. Simple flash-cards flip the learner experience from passive to active.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

A Simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world.

Minimal Angle of Resolution

Minimal Angle of Resolution

Minimum distance between two display pixels.



Head mounted display

Do I Know This?

Our desire to get things done can impede our learning process. Creating activities to ensure learners are aware of their level of understanding not only motivates adult learners but shows them opportunities for improvement.


While we can't show you what we've done for them, we can certainly tell you who we've worked for...
  • Inter Pipeline
  • MaKami College
  • First Nations Technology Council
  • Rebel Sleep Institute
  • Law Society of Alberta
  • SAIT
  • Talisman Energy