Improvement Services

Love the work, but not how you work?

We have some deep expertise in process land. We are talking some serious nerd expertise. But don't worry, we don't wear our nerd on the outside. We use it to solve your design and development process problems. And we love every second of it. We will help you get to where you want to be.

(Re)Define Design & Development Processes

We can help you (re)define processes to meet your internal targets. We work with your team to make the current state of your process visual, showing pain points and swirl too. Using your subject matter experts and data, a few solid improvement methods, a little imagination, and a whole bunch of facilitation we (re)define the process of your dreams.

Action plans with actions so manageable they can be achieved over half a cup of coffee are also included. We serve results not process-improvement word salads.

Data Visualization and Analytics

Not sure about the story your data is telling you? Or perhaps, you are sure about the story, but you need catchy and effective visuals for multiple communication mediums that tell it. Either way, with Otira's data visualization and analytic and graphic design expertise we got you.

You just need to get us.

Advance Your Quality Systems

Feel overwhelmed about the structure, processes, procedures and resources you need to develop or document for accreditation? Find yourself with the desire but without the time to  beef up your internal systems and controls? By combining your subject matter expertise with our subject matter expertise you can progress your quality system in a jiffy.

Subject-Matter-Twin-Power, Activate!
(Yes, that is a Gen X reference.)