We are in the business of documentation, you aren't. We'll do us so you can do you.

We create documentation that helps your employees perform, make decisions, and is super duper easy to maintain. Our documentation solutions range from straight forward text on paper to interactive online guides and manuals. We can help your team identify content needed to achieve a standardized approach to getting work done. 

We won't be judgey about your current state of documentation, but we will take you to your dream state and help you stay there. 


The world needs manuals. Unfortunately, not all manuals are created equally. Manuals can be filled with procedures that actually (yes-actually!) reflect how work gets done, easy to follow instructions that demonstrate alignment to external standards, images that enhance understanding, and layouts that you'll want to show off at your next dinner party. Up your manual game with our help.


Process maps. Most people love them or love to have someone help create them. We work with your subject matter experts to create the map of your dreams. Flow charts, high-level process maps, detailed process maps, SIPOCs and Value Stream maps are firmly in our wheelhouse.


Clear procedures can minimize rework, wasted effort and workplace stress. Procedures also need to be accurate, actionable, and continuously improved. One thing they don't need is to all look the same. We have room in our hearts for all kinds of procedures formats, such as the Cut-to-the-Chase Listed Step-by-Step Procedure, the On-the-Go 2 and 3 Column Format Procedure, Custom Curated One Pager Procedures, and the Traditionally Elegant Serialized Paragraph Procedure.

We use graphics, images, and gifs that not only engage the user but enhance their understanding. We create list-based, statistical, process, informational, and comparison infographics. We could even present your procedure as a TikTok. (Note: interpretative documentation dancers not provided)