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Improvement Skills Series

Ace Your SME Role in Course Development Projects

Still relying on the kick off meeting to prepare your SMEs? Learn a better way.
Help your SMEs go from their world to yours, with ease.
Our targeted interactive modules illuminate the world of course development and the vital role of the SME.

Understanding team roles and
Clarifying expectations
Leveraging your expertise
Translating complex ideas into learner friendly content
Giving and receiving feedback on deliverables
Unleashing creativity
Enable your SMEs to foster effective collaboration, prioritize learners and fast-track project deliverables.

Online Anytime (3-6 hrs)

$19.99 CAD

Facilitation Skills Series

Facilitation Skills for Instructional Designers

Effectively collaborate, clarify requirements, uncover expectations with all stakeholders, including SMEs, in both online and offline settings.

Facilitation techniques
Active listening
Planning collaborative working sessions
Documenting decisions and discussions
Promote collaboration in your projects.

Part 1: Online Anytime (2-4 hrs) – Available May 15
Part 2: Online – Wednesday, June 5, 8:00am – 12:00pm

$399.99 CAD

I wish I took this course before I started my course development project!

Caterina Lazor

Participant: ACE Your SME Role in Course Development Projects

Upcoming Courses

Facilitation Skills Series

Facilitation Skills for Designers
Facilitating a Process Mapping Session

Agile Design & Development Series

Applying 5S to Digital Learning Projects
Express Burst Bootcamp
Making a Development Brief for Media Developers
Kanban Boards for Course Development
Mapping Your Design and Development Process
Incorporating Lean Principles into Curriculum Design
Visual Management for Training Projects
Improvement Skills
Document Your Work Procedure with Video Before Lunch
Incorporating Lean Principles into Curriculum Design

Improvement Skills Series

Document Your Work Procedure with Video Before Lunch
Incorporating Lean Principles into Curriculum Design

Training Systems Series

Build a Training Plan
Build New Hire Orientation Training – Bootcamp
Competency Mapping
GOAT of Training Plans
Job Analysis – How To
Structuring On the Job Training
Training Trainers

L&D Leadership Series

Building a Business Case for Training
Exploring, Testing , and Integrating New Technologies
Creating and Supporting Learning Cohorts

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